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"Always creating..."
  • My short series 'Antique Oddities' has been released.


The series was produced and directed by myself over 4 days and is the most silly and family friendly piece of work I've done. I also got to work with some fabulous actors including Rachel Parris, Marek Larwood, Olivia Poulet and Sam Swainsbury to name but a few...​

  • After 'Tooth Fairy' did the rounds at various festivals, the film is now being developed into a feature film. 

A director of 12 years, I'm a specialist in online comedy and have directed the best and brightest in UK comedy talent in that time

Below you can view a selection of the varied things I've made, be it sketches, shorts, pilots, promo's, corporate films, animated adventures and more.

  • 2010: Long-listed for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Award 

  • 2013: Started freelance, with agencies, brands and production companies seeing ideas through from creation to delivery

A seasoned comedy director, I'm also an expert in distilling the best out of improvised structures and setups.  

vital statistics

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, give me a bell on the number below; I'd love to talk to you about it.

The parody went viral within 24 hours, gaining national press coverage in 'The Guardian' and acclaim from the like of Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The IT Crowd) Sam Bain (Peep Show, Fresh Meat) and Peter Serafinowicz.

  • 2012: Produced and released my first Short-Form video online 'Knightmare'



  • 2015 'Tooth Fairy' takes £5000 online from crowdfunding and moves into production

  • 2016 'Tooth Fairy' finishes post production

  • 2016 My dark comic sesame street 'Dicktionary' makes it debut

  • 2017: 'Tooth Fairy' starts festival run at the Cannes Short Film Corner

  • 2018: I produce, film, edit 52 videos for Playful P:athways, a series of videos teaching parents how better to communicate and play with their children

  • 2019: Antique Oddities is released, lots of corporate work done

  • 2020: I become an adhoc director / editor for UBS

  • 2020: I become a father to a little boy. World-wide pandemic hits and kindly gives me the longest paternity leave of all time

  • 2021: Working on developing my first feature, new regular online characters

Anchor 1



  • Self-Shooting Director

  • Highly Skilled Premiere Pro Editor

  • Social Media Strategist

  • Versatile Producer

  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills 

  • BAFTA Rocliffe listed writer

  • Skilled in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

  • Little black book full of contacts

  • Experience as a 'Live' Comedy Producer

  • Script editor / doctor

Examples of work

examples of my work


In 2008 I was long-listed for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Award alongside Katie Boyles and Graham Trelfer for the Television comedy/drama script 'Climbing Frame.'
Since then I've been commissioned to write short films, script edit pilots, shorts and features as well as give numerous notes on various scripts.
I have 2 feature film projects i'm developing
LonDoN to Neverland
I'm currently developing a feature length dark modern fantasy based around J.M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan.'
With this in mind I directed 'Tooth Fairy' a short film that introduces us to principal characters as well as giving a taste of the world the feature inhabits.
The short was released in May 2017 and toured the Festival Circuit stopping first at the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner.
the key
The Key is a supernatural horror/comedy.
An original feature, it centres on a couple that discover a key which can open any door but always leads to the same mysterious and ancient room.

Influenced by films like Gremlins and Ghostbusters but with a wholly British feel I'm hoping to develop it further this year.
I have one original treatment I'm developing for television
Ayslum is set in the near future where conservative policiticans have forced vulnerable, creative and dangerously insane people into shared blocks to deal with budgetary restrictions.
Father Ted meets 1984.
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