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notable work
tooth fairy

Released: Summer 2017

Running Time: 12:00

Tooth Fairy's is my best work on film so far and 

marks a more dramatic turn for me.

Presenting a nightmare version of Peter Pan; 'Tooth Fairy' is a modern, pitch black fairy tale centred around a Tooth Fairy, her addiction to Pixie Dust and the little boy she intends to steal teeth from.

jedi's first day

Running Time: 4:00

Who doesn't want to play a Jedi?

My first time doing comedy Mockumentary style, this was trickier than I thought.

More used to playing slightly outlandish comedy roles, I was very much the straight-man Jedi.

Aperture one

Running Time: 2:53

A small comedy short I performed for  director Tadas Vidmantas​.

Tadas is an amazingly creative, hardworking director who has a tremendous following online and a dedicated if slightly crazy Lithuanian crew.

Antique Oddities

Running Time: 3 - 5 minutes

A series of small shorts spoofing the

Antiques Roadshow, the series was produced and directed by myself over 4 days.


With 6 Episodes, this is the most silly and family friendly piece of work I've done.


I also got to work with some fabolous actors including Rachel Parris, Marek Larwood, Olivia Poulet and Sam Swainsbury to name but a few...​

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