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Lark Rise to candleford

My favourite piece of theatre in my career to date, this Peter Brook Award winning show was performed at the wonderful Finborugh Theatre and directed by Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster, Charles III, Earthquakes in London) and John Terry.

The show was done in rep with 'Lark Rise' and 'Candleford' being shown on alternative dates. It was great fun and a real challenge playing so many characters. The show was widely regarded as the forerunner of the hit BBC adaption.

Henry V
playboy of the
western world

'Henry' and 'Playboy' were two plays I performed in rep right across the UK and Ireland culminating in a run at the Riverside Studios. It was was my first proper long haul tour and was incredibly hard work as well as rewarding. 

Henry V was my first real stab at Shakespeare and playing Captain Fluellen was a tough nut to crack. Performing as well as moving the stage. (sometimes only staying the one night in theatres before driving off to a new venue as soon as the play had finished) was an experience that left me with a great appreciation of touring companies.

Playboy was an inspired choice to go alongside Henry V; darkly funny and in some places shocking it was great fun to perform this piece alongside the heavyweight Henry V.

I relished the chance to play a drunken Irishman, working for weeks to perfect the best Mayo accent I good deliver. 

henry v
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